Compare 2 Loans with Varying Compounding Periods

Compare two loans with varying criteria and compounding periods.

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You can do a lot with this financial model. It compares two separate loans with the option of having different compounding periods with the click of a drop-down menu, different interest rates, a given starting day that default interest begins to accrue, and more.

Compounding Periods: Simple, Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly

The idea here is to clearly show the debt of a loan and the impact to each entity. Visuals have been included to show principal balances and total interest accrued over time.

You can go out to a max of 5 years, but simply dragging the bottom row formulas lower extends the amortization schedules.

User also has the ability to enter a date and see the current principal + interest balance.

User can enter a given payment or increase in the loan at any date and the principal / interest basis will adjust accordingly.

The primary use of of this tool is going to be to compare facilities where regular payments are not made, but rather interest accrues and payments may be made throughout the life of the facility.



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