Budget Template

A simple and practical way to measure your projections by month, including analysis vs previous year, 4 years financial forecast with equity valuation.

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This is long term budget covering the time of year or 12-period showing performance analysis versus previous year in addition to 4 estimate financial year.
This model is very simple to use by simply recording your revenue, cost of goods and your expenses under different categories in the green cells as per the instruction showing in the sheet under the name of Index

Once the data is completed, this model shows the following below
-3 forecasting financial statements
-P&L strategic plan for 3 years
-P&L summary showing the variance of budget versus previous years
-P&L common size
-Simple valuation
-Ration analysis and explanation
-Financial dashboard

This model is mainly for FMCG and Distribution, however, it is very easy to customize it for your business by only amend the revenue and expenses sheets.

Note: There are two versions available for download.

  1. Free Version – only a free demo preview of the model template
  2. Paid Version – fully-editable / customizable model template

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