ATM Machine Business – 10 Year Startup Financial Model

Specific revenue and expense logic for modeling the build-up of an ATM machine business over 10 years.

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The dynamic nature of this model is that you can plan for over 20 traunches of purchases of ATM machines in your forecasting scale-up of this type of business. Each traunch allows the user to enter deal-specific variables such as the amount of ATM’s purchased, the cost per ATM, the average transactions per day, the fee per transaction, and the merchant fee.

There is also dynamic depreciation based on when machines are purchased and the variable input for useful life. This is used in the tax calculation in order to get a more accurate free cash flow figure per month and year.

There are assumptions for the length you plan to run the business for (up to 10 years) as well as the exit month if applicable, and the exit valuation (based on a revenue multiple in the exit month).

You have assumptions for debt and equity and the equity is broken down into investor / owner equity if applicable.

The cash requirement populates based on the expected monthly cash flows and looks at the minimum cash position after debt / startup costs / ATM purchases over time / revenues per month in order to default into the total upfront investment needed in order to stay cash positive.

Summaries for monthly/annual P&L and cash flow detail are available as well as a distribution summary that shows cash flow to owner and investor per %’s defined for the investor/owner. An equity multiple, IRR, ROI, total cash returned, and DCF analysis are also shown for each pool as well as at the project level.

A high level executive summary is used to convert the annual P&L / cash flow detail into a standard revenue/COGS/expenses/EBITDA format as well as cash flow items so you can see the free cash flow per year.

The dynamic nature of this model is really useful for strategic planning and the timing assumptions for everything that effects free cash flow and equity returns.


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