Advanced Financial Model – 10-Year Business Plan with DCF & Valuation

Advanced Financial Model providing professional presentation of a 10-Year Business Plan.

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General Overview

Advanced Financial Model including DCF & Valuation, suitable for any type of business/industry and fully customizable.

The template is built using Financial Modeling Best practices and includes Scenario basis 3 Statement Financial Model for Full Year and 10-Year Forecast Analysis, Budget vs Actual Variance Analysis, Breakeven Analysis, Financial Ratios, Business Valuation, and highly sophisticated charts presentation.

Inputs/Outputs/General Notes

Inputs (Gray Tabs)

• Contents: Update Company’s General Info and select currency from the drop-down list
• Sales Data: Update Volume, Sales Price and Cost % Data (columns C & D) and Seasonality Increase
• Assumptions: Update Data under each of the three scenarios (Base, Upside, Downside)
• Actual: Fill in Last Year (LY) Data. Update numbers for the months that have actual data. For any new actual month, please update this tab accordingly


  • Budget: Figures are calculated based on the input number in the Sales Data & Assumptions Tabs
  • Dashboard
  • KPIs (Financial Ratios)
  • Breakeven Analysis
  • Variance Analysis (Actual vs Budget)
  • 10-Year Forecast
  • Full Year (FY) Statements for both Actual & Budget Data
  • Business Valuation with Sensitivity Analysis
  • Executive Summary

General Notes:

  • Tab “FY Statements” includes a dynamic 3 Statement Model built from the inputs from “Actual” & “Budget” Tabs with the selection box as the main driver.
  • The model assumes that the selected and all preceding months have actual figures (which should be updated in the Actual Tab) and the rest are budget figures.
  • The model is build based on different scenarios as they are outlined in the “Assumptions” Tab.
  • In some of the output tabs (Blue Color), you will find a selection box with the different scenarios (Base, Upside, Downside).
  • Data and Charts are automatically updated based on the chosen scenario
  • Enter the Name of the Company in Contents Tab (cell E15) and the Title in each slide will be automatically updated

For any inquires/modifications, please contact me via: [email protected]

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