Accounts Payable Template | Receivable | Tracking

A simple template to keep track of the amount of money you owe other companies and how much other companies owe you.

accounts payable excel template
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Video Tutorial:

Google sheets version included (see bottom of instructions tab)

*Update: There is now an aging dashboard for receivables and payables to show how much money is passed due that you owe or that customers owe you as well as a summary of how much receivables/payables you have coming due in the next 12 months. Charts included and a top 10 list.

There is a simple data base type tab for receivables and payables. Drop-downs are applied where it makes sense. The best feature is the monthly graph showing balances owed, amounts paid, and bills/receipts entered to be paid later.

The current template is built for a few hundred vendors and customers. It can effortless be expanded to many thousands if needed.

You can pick any date and see what the net balances are for a given customer or vendor. Also, you can see a running 10 year monthly summary of amounts owed to others / amounts owed to you all in one spot.

*Note the full version has more filters applied and I did leave a few lines of data into the sheet so you can see example entries.

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