5-Year Financial Projections Model with Valuation and Break-Even (STARTUP VENTURES)

THIS STARTUP VENTURE FINANCIAL MODEL IS DESIGNED AND COMPLETED FOR A 5-YEAR PERIOD (i.e. Monthly:: 12 Months, Quarterly:: Year 2 and 3, Annual:: Year 1 to 5) and can be used by most industries. This Model is well suited for EARLY-STAGE COMPANIES / STARTUPS. This Model can be FULLY CUSTOMISED by the user. All Formulae, Cells, Rows and Columns are 100% Transparent.

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Welcome to the JTB Consulting Comprehensive 5-YEAR STARTUP Funding Financial Model. This is an interactive, top-down / bottom-up approach to Business Planning. This model can be used by any STARTUP / EARLY-STAGE business across multiple industries.

This JTB Consulting Financial Modelling System is designed to enable you to enter the Assumptions for your Startup Business Idea into an initial series of ASSUMPTIONS PAGES. From there, the model will automatically calculate and finalize all of the Financial Statements and Valuation(s).

THIS FINANCIAL MODEL IS DESIGNED AND COMPLETED FOR A 5-YEAR PERIOD (i.e. Monthly:: 12 Months, Quarterly:: Year 2 and 3, Annual:: Year 1 to 5).

ALL Columns, Rows, Formulae, etc., have been made visible to the user. This model is 100% CUSTOMISABLE by the user.

This Model is ONE OF THE MOST DETAILED and Dynamic Models that can be used for Business Planning, Funding, and Internal Strategic Purposes.

To assist the user and make it as easy and quick as possible to complete the Model, ONLY the rows and cells with Yellow Shading and Green Text are intended for you to overwrite with your own text or numbers. The rest is automatically updated for your convenience.


This Model can be used by most industries and is well suited for STARTUP COMPANIES. It follows a logical approach by allowing the user to first INPUT all specific Assumptions after which all OUTPUT sheets are automatically calculated.

The purpose of the Model is to save the user as much time as possible.

A Management Dashboard (Executive Summary), Graphs, etc. are all included to provide as much detail to Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Investors, and Funders.

A fully Interactive TABLE OF CONTENTS is included for easy linking to the relevant sheets.

The INPUT sheets include the following:

(1) Basic Assumptions, Currency Selection, Company Name, Start Date, Loan Interest Rate, Allowance for Contingencies, Tax Rate, Product and Service Name Tags, etc.
(2) Selection of Depreciation Years across 5 Asset Classes/Types
(3) CAPEX Funding Requirements
(4) Non-CAPEX Funding Requirements
(5) Working Capital Requirements
(6) Pricing and Market Assumptions, Market Size, Pricing Strategy, etc. including up to 15 x Products, 15 x Services, and 10 x Ad-Hoc/Once-Off Revenue Streams
(7) Sales Assumptions and Seasonality Adjustments
(8) HR (Payroll) Plan, Headcount, Salaries, etc., allowing for more than 100+ Job Roles.
(9) General and Administrative Expense Assumptions
(10) Operations and Other Expense Assumptions
(11) Cost of Goods Sold and Production Expense Assumptions
(12) Financing and Debt (Loans) Assumptions, with allowance for 5 x Loans
(13) Cash Flow Assumptions, including a selection of Accounts Payable and Receivable Days, Inventory Days, Equity Contributions, etc.

All INPUTS made by the user AUTOMATICALLY CALCULATES the following OUTPUT sheets:

(A) Detailed Profit and Loss Statement, Year 1 (Monthly), Year 2 and 3 (Quarterly), and Year 1 to 5 (Annually)
(B) Detailed Cash Flow Statement, Year 1 (Monthly), Year 2 and 3 (Quarterly), and Year 1 to 5 (Annually)
(C) Detailed Balance Sheet, Year 1 (Monthly), Year 2 and 3 (Quarterly), and Year 1 to 5 (Annually)

As a Value-Added Services, the following is provided to the Client:

(A) Detailed Executive Summary and Dashboard, including IRR computation, Summarised Statements and Ratios, Graphs, and Built-In Formulae to Show the following:
(–) Investment Decision based on Projections
(–) Is the Model in Balance
(–) Break-Even Points
(–) Additional Cash Required so as to Maintain a Positive Cash Balance over the 10-Year Period

(B) 5-Year Projections Summary, including Equity Value, Enterprise Value, Exit Value in Year 5, and Extensive Financial Ratios
(C) Summarised Break-Even Analysis
(D) DCF Valuation for Year 5, based on the EV / EBITDA Multiple and Perpetual Growth Rate

This model was specifically designed for a number of purposes, namely:

To enable you, as our client, to determine, in a fairly detailed manner, the financial feasibility and financing needs of your business venture – so you can convince investors or lenders to back you.

As a forecasting and planning tool for an ongoing business so you can see what it will look like, given a variety of assumptions and projections.

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