3 Statement Financial Model + Break-even: eCommerce

This financial model was made to allow the user to specifically plan out the cash flows that commonly relate to the eCommerce space. You can enter all assumptions and it rolls through to all 3 statements.

3 Year Cash Flow Forecast
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The proof is in the pudding with this thing. It has captured all aspects that are relevant to the eCommerce space. The logic works to fit the dynamics often seen in sites such as Amazon. Some of the deeper integrations include a debt service schedule that integrates to all cash flows.

I have put in some nice visuals to see as well. The 3 statement financial model is one of the most used and needed templates for anyone looking to start a business.

For this specific model I tried to go with what you may see from SBA.gov and all the revenue/cost assumptions allow you to plan for monthly growth. All the user has to do is enter their month 1 projections and everything populates. If no growth then you can do 0%.

The break-even calculator at the end was added in order to make it easy to see how much monthly top-line revenue you need to have in order to cover all the fixed costs (accounting for your variable costs).




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